Wildman Rocketry: Tim sells model to high power rocketry items at all of our Bong launches

Top Flight Recovery LLC: High Quality Parachutes for Model and High Power Rockets

Sirius Rocketry: A rocket company owned by club member David Miller.  Great large scale kits.

Ye Olde Rocket Shoppe: A great place for the BAR or collector to get information on OOP rockets or get help on cloning an old kit.  Run by club member Scott D. Hansen.

HobbyTown West Allis: This is a great place to by your supplies in the Milwaukee area, this is also the location for our monthly meetings, See our Event Calender

These are the people who make our hobby great. If we're stuck on a project, many times we turn to them for advice. They also help us make model rocketry even more affordable than it is already. They support WOOSH at our events either by being on-site to sell us motors, kits, and supplies, or by donating items to our larger events. Since they support us, we should help support them.

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