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We are requesting that you volunteer for a shift and a duty to assist in the safe and efficient operation of the range.  To volunteer, sign up here:

Saturday / Sunday:

Bong Range


In the event of marginal wind or weather conditions, the Event Manager will make the decision on whether or not to cancel the launch.


  1. The NAR safety code applies.  No smoking or alcohol is allowed on the range

  2. NAR / TRA membership and High Power Rocketry (HPR) certification will be verified for class 2 High Power Rockets.  Bring your membership card.  It will be checked at each launch

  3. At all launches where the club launch equipment is used (usually Bong launches only), there will be a launch fee for people flying "F" size motors or larger.  The fee is $5.00/day for WOOSH members and $10.00/day for non-members.  Any member who volunteers to tow the club trailer to an event will not have to pay the launch fee

  4. Groups or Teams such as TARC etc. flying HPR will pay a Group Launch Fee of $25.00.

  5. Advance notice is now required for setup of the "Away pad" (M class motors & complex level). User(s) of the away pad must assist with tear down of pad. If notice is not provided user of away pad may set it up on their own. Notice shall be posted on the the WOOSH email list 48 hrs prior to the event

  6. Rocketry vendors do not pay a Launch Fee.

  7. A flight card must be filed for each flight

  8. A Safety Officer will check each rocket flying an "F" motor or larger.  The Safety Officer determines if a rocket can fly. The flier should know the anticipated altitude so that the waiver's maximum altitude is not exceeded.

  9. A motor retention method is required for all motors that are "H" impulse and above.  Friction retention alone is not allowed

  10. Each flight will be announced by the LCO and include a 5-second countdown.

  11. The waiver is for 10,000ft MSL.



- Collects flier fees

- Maintains a roster of fliers

- Checks NAR/TRA membership cards for current membership and high power certification level.

- Prepares a name tag that indicates the fliers certification level


Safety Officer

- Monitors sky and range operations for safety.

- Checks and approves rockets prior to flight. (See Range Safety Officer)



- Assigns rockets to a pad

- Verifies aiming of rockets to ensure no overflights of spectator area

- Announces Range Closed before launching

- Ensures range and sky is clear before launching

- Operates launch equipment, announcing a 5 second countdown

- Announces Range Open when safe to do so


Pad Manager

- Assists fliers at the pad

- Checks launch angles to ensure no overflights of spectator area

- Monitors for fires on the range during launching


A single qualified person can fill all positions for lightly attended launches