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Range Safety Officer

The Safety Officer's word is final and will not be overridden.  The Safety Officer may seek the advice of others in making the decision of whether or not a rocket can be flown.  Each rocket is to be inspected to determine if it is structurally sound, safe to be flown, and conforms to safety regulations.

Igniters for high power motors are to be installed at the launch pad.

Electronics are to be armed at the pad.

Flier's Credentials

Is the person an NAR or TRA member?
Is membership current?  Check their membership card.
Is the person high power certified to the appropriate level? (L1=H/I, L2=J/K/L, L3=M/N/O motors)
Is this flight a certification attempt?  If so, is the certification team ready?

Structural Integrity

Are the airframe and fins sufficient for the motor's thrust?
Are the fins securely attached to the airframe without significant damage?
Is the nose cone secure, but not too tight?
Is the launch lug size sufficient for the rocket's weight and securely attached?


Is the motor NAR/TRA certified?
Is this the first time the person has assembled a reloadable motor?
Is the motor secured to the rocket so that it cannot fall out?
Is the motor's thrust appropriate for the rocket's weight?
Is the motor's thrust appropriate for the wind conditions?
Does it have enough thrust for a stable flight off the launch pad?
Will the rocket attain a reasonable altitude so that the recovery system will safely deploy?
If motor ejection is used to deploy the recovery system, is the delay the right amount of time?


Has the rocket flown before or is this its first flight?
Check the rocket's CP vs. CG.
Will the cloud deck be broken?  Rockets must not be flown into clouds.
Will the rocket fly higher than the waiver's limit?
If electronics are used, have the devices been activated?
Check the sky for aircraft.
Give the LCO the O.K. to launch.
Observe the flight until the recovery system has deployed.  Be ready to issue a warning if the rocket descends into the range head or parking areas.