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Our Bylaws


(Revised 10-25-2017)

Article 1. Name: The name of this organization shall be the Wisconsin Organization of Spacemodeling Hobbyists (W.O.O.S.H.) Section of the National Association of Rocketry.

 Article 2. Purpose: The purpose of this organization is to

  1. Aid and abet the aims and purposes of the NAR in southeastern Wisconsin,
  2. To operate and maintain a sport rocket range in accordance with the NAR Model Rocket and High Power Rocket Safety Codes.
  3. To hold meetings for the purpose of aiding and encouraging those interested in rocketry,
  4. To promote the hobby of sport rocketry, educating new members and others unfamiliar with the hobby,
  5. To engage in other scientific, educational, or related activities as the NAR, the Section, or the Section Board of Directors may from time to time deem necessary or desirable in connection with the foregoing.

Article 3.         Membership:  Membership shall be open to anyone who agrees to abide by the safety codes of the National Association of Rocketry. Members can be refused or expelled for the deliberate and willful violation of NAR safety codes, FAA, BATF or other regulatory agency requirements. Members so accused shall have the right to review the allegations against them at a regularly scheduled meeting, and to provide evidence in their own defense. Expulsion shall be made only after the member has been heard, by majority vote of the members present and voting.

Article 4.         Dues:  Dues shall be $20 per year for Senior members (21 and older) and $5 per year for Leader and Junior Members. A Family membership shall be $25 per year and include two parents and all immediate children. Dues shall be payable in advance at the beginning of the calendar year. These dues are separate and distinct from the national dues paid to the NAR. All dues money shall be kept in a General Fund by the Secretary-Treasurer and shall be paid out by him/her only on order of the Section Board of Directors. Special assessments may be levied by a majority vote of the members present and voting at any meeting of the Section provided notice of such intent is given in writing to each member at least five days preceding such a meeting.

Article 5.         Meetings:  Meetings of the Section shall be held at least 6 times a year at times and places designated by the Section Board of Directors. A club launch shall not be considered one of the meetings, but a meeting may be held at a launch. A quorum shall consist of the lesser of 10 members or 50% of the membership. Meetings shall be conducted and governed by “Robert’s Rules of Order, revised.”

Article 6.         Board of Directors:  The Board of Directors of the Section shall consist of the four officers.

Article 7.         Officers:  The officers of the Section shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, and a Treasurer, all of whom shall be members of the Section and of the NAR.

Article 8.         Elections:  Elections of officers and members of the Board of Directors shall take place at the November meeting. All officers shall serve a term of one year, beginning January 1st the following year. Vacancies in offices shall be filled by nomination and election of a Section member to fill the unexpired term of office and shall take place at the Section meeting when the vacancy is announced. Nominations for all elections shall be made from the floor and the candidate having the largest numbers of votes shall be elected.

Article 9.         Committees:  The Board of Directors and/or the membership by majority vote, may from time to time create committees as circumstances may require. These committees may include but are not limited to the following:

     Program Committee, Newsletter Committee, Publicity/Recruitment Committee, Contest and Records Committee.

Article 10.      Amendments:  These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the membership voting. The number of members voting must be at least the minimum needed for a meeting quorum. Notice of proposed changes shall be provided to all members at least five days prior to the start of the voting period. Voting may begin the first of the month following notification and shall conclude by the fourth Wednesday of that month. Balloting may be conducted by mail, electronically, or through other methods approved by the membership.