Themes for 2019:

Jan -- Saucer Day

Feb  -- Ground Hog Day  (How many times can you fly the same rocket?)

Mar -- MicroMaxx Madness & Apollo 9 50th Anniversary

Apr  -- Little Joe

May -- Cluster MayHem & Apollo 10 50th Anniversary

Jun  -- Triathlon (3 Minute Egg Loft - D Impulse, Same Rocket 3 Flights)

Jul   -- Apollo 11 50th Anniversary 

Aug -- Vintage Rockets (Originals, Clones, Upsales, Downscales)

Sep -- Flying Circus (Gliders)

Oct -- October Sky (Sputnik, Space Race, Russian Rockets)

Nov -- Blaze Orange & Apollo 12 50th Anniversary

Dec -- XMAS Hits the Spot

New Berlin

"Sod Farm" Information

Certified Peat and Sod has given WOOSH permission to use its sod farm only during club launches (See schedule).

Do not use this site at any other time unless the club president has received permission from the owner!

This field supports small rockets and motors along with some mid-power, depending on the wind speed and direction. All sod farm launches are BYO pad and controller.  Motors E and above require 30' safe distance, make sure your controllers have leads at least this long.  Club members may use the field on scheduled dates, but attendance varies due to personal schedules, weather, and conflicts with other rocketry events.  Motors above F discouraged, this is a small site.  Rockets must be < 3.3lbs, fully prepped, and motors < 125g propellant, as, there is no waiver.

Parking is now permitted on the field itself. The new owner would prefer we not get squished by the dump trucks rumbling by on the highway. ;-) You can still park on the highway, but you may now also park on the field if you feel more safe that way and don't want to have to walk as far.

All trash (motor packages, motors, igniters, igniter plugs, wadding, food or beverage containers, etc.) must be removed from the area. Please leave the area as clean as you found it.

Go South on Moorland Rd., South of I-94.
Go to Lincoln Ave.
Go West on Lincoln Ave. to 18400 W. Lincoln Ave.
Pull in the field using the entrance to the east